The Wine Dark Sea

A rickety ship filled with illegal immigrant men, women and children bound for Italy, has capsized and sunk in the Mediterranean after leaving Libya, with over eight hundred dead, most locked below deck, to drown like rats. Thanks to Obama and his all-female red diaper baby harpies, the once stable mini-tyranny of Libya is now a chaotic failed state, the scene of violent sectarian civil war and the staging point for the peaceful invasion and subjugation of Europe. In the view of the White House this hoped for outcome is a magnificent success. The drowning deaths of hundreds of women and children are a necessary and not particularly regrettable detail.

The fitful tossing wine dark sea
Has seen Phoenician sails
And Nelson and great Victory
And stormy wintry gales
She’d seen it all, this waterway
Between the West and East
Had seen Decatur and the Bey
Had seen it all, at least
Until the smugglers crammed the hold
With refugees from war
From horror, fear and dread untold
To seek a foreign shore
And there they die, the found’ring ship
Sinks screaming to her death
As slowly she begins to slip
Extinguishing all breath
And so the policy in place
The Arab Spring sublime
Has turned into a fierce run race
To see the greatest crime
Oh yes, the harpies see it all
And gleeful clap their hands
The Middle East begins the fall
Of white men on these sands
For chaos, blood, a drowning child
Will mean a Muslim world
The wine dark sea now storm-raged wild
The waves mast high and curled

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