Looney Tunes

The Middle East is ablaze, bodies piled in heaps, and the Iranians have just stopped an American flagged ship and taken it and crew into port, the crew never to see freedom again. All is collapsing around the most incompetent or malicious president this country has ever had. The President of the United States of Obama looks out the Oval Office window and sees nothing but chaos, chaos he himself unleashed, but about which he can do nothing due to the large anvil made by the Ajax anvil company that is tied around his neck. The three red diaper babies stand beside him, congratulating him on the state of affairs.

Valerie in whisper says
That anvil weighs a ton
You can’t walk through yon tunnel sir
Though lighted by the One
Samantha says from what I see
And Tweety-bird concurs
That there will be no peace at all
Till cruel Sylvester purrs
The tunnel’s there, Obama cries
And on the other side
Is peace and love and it is just
A motorcycle ride
Then Susan says there is no light
And I’ve no wish to mock
But yonder tunnel entrance is
Just painted on the rock
They help him with the anvil
As aboard his bike he climbs
And smacks into the mountain
As he’s done so many times

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