The Wonderful Land Of Oz

The recent elections in Australia turned out the ruling Labor party elected the Liberal candidate, overturning all the pundits who predicted a Labor victory. (To the confusion of all, the Australian Liberal party is the equivalent of the American Republican party, and to be confused at all with liberals or liberalism.) These results follow on similar results in Western Europe that saw the Left lose power to the conservative parties, particularly in Germany. The political course is rightward throughout the civilized west, except in the United States, where Obama is trying to make us into another failed socialist state like Greece or Portugal. But the trend is clear, and the elections in Oz only prove the point.



We love our Oz, for Oz, it gives

Such lovely vibes, all positives

The stations, sheep, the racing horse

The stalwart men, the girls of course

The land of law and honor codes

The bright star of the Antipodes



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