Blood And Oil

United Nations inspectors now concede Iran has enough nuclear material for two bombs, and that means they likely have enough for six, with more on the way. In a very few months Iran will test a bomb and announce themselves a Nuclear Power, the announcement coinciding with the withdrawal of all United States forces from Iraq and the abandonment of the Gulf by the Obama administration to the tender mercies of the Iranian mullahs who have sworn to kill every Jew in Israel as soon as they are able to do so. So what happens when the Iranian bomb arrives? The Sunni Gulf states will have to arm with nukes themselves or seek accommodation with the new king on the block. What will Israel do? Israel will not go quietly, and Iran will go before Israel goes. It does look good.



From the head of the Gulf

To the Straits of Hormuz

The ships ply their trade

Fearing the lighted fuse

As the Mullahs grow bold

And the Yanks pack and leave

The Sunnis fear now

There will be no reprieve

For the region at large

Waiting for the big hit

Now the question will be

Do we fight or submit




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