The Wooing Of Suzanne Kosmas

With the critical health care vote in the House on Sunday, the President is pulling out all the stops, witness his wooing of reluctant Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas, (D-FL), who is rightly concerned that unemployment in her district is over 10% and rising because Obama has tossed NASA into the dumpster. Will it be enough? We’ll see. My guess it will pass, or have been deemed to have passed, even if the Dems have to turn out the lights.



Mr. President, I do declare

I’d love to vote for your health care

But policy is raising hob

My people’ve lost their NASA job

I feel your pain, Suzanne my dear

But really, you have naught to fear

I know I’m closing NASA down

You sure are pretty when you frown

Now here we are at Air Force One

See how she sparkles in the sun

So come, my dear, and climb right in

We’ll take her for a little spin

That’s right, get comfy in your seat

Now here’s some slippers for your feet

A snack, some food, a little drink?

Ah then where was I, let me think

Ah yes, the coming health care vote

You know we’re in the self same boat

We sink or swim together, dear

We battle stormy weather here

But with your help we’ll pull it through

I know that I can count on you

My private cabin has a lock

When the door’s closed no one will knock

These seats you know go fully back

You think you’re really in the sack

Here let me pull the curtain down

You sure are pretty when you frown



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