Their Fathers’ Dreams

“If what used to be called ‘America’ is replaced by affinity groups based around races, beliefs or sexual orientations, the Left will inherit nothing but a broken, Balkanized world, not the shiny New International Order they were counting on.” – Richard Fernandez, The Belmont Club.

Two or three times over the last dozen or so years I have started a sci fi novel with this theme, but have never finished it because the plot outline always ended in indescribable carnage. I believe we are headed for balkanization, with our major cities turned to crime ridden third world cites run by black and Hispanic gangs in perpetual warfare with each other, too dangerous for a white person to venture into. I believe the Southwest will be de facto Mexican though still nominally a US territory. White America will retreat to the Southern and Mountain states, where a political party will arise that advocates cutting all ties with the third world rest of the country, including stopping all payments for government entitlements. It is at this point the country ceases to exist as a nation state and descends into anarchy. I believe we are headed in this direction, but I also believe we will not get there, though not because everyone realizes the error of his ways but because the white tribe will take charge and place its foot on the necks of the other tribes. Superior culture and superior smarts and superior firepower wins, but only if there is superior will. I may be unduly optimistic, but I believe when crunch time comes the will to keep one’s country is found. All it takes is one man and one white horse.

The rolling plains, the good black earth
The forests and the streams
Belong to those who hold them dear
And live their fathers’ dreams
The land they conquered, land they farmed
Will not be thrown away
Will not be given to the tribes
Who came the other day
The Left has riven some of will
But there are those who’ll fight
For dreams their fathers gave to them
They will not say goodnight

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