The End Of The World, Part 2

Events in the Middle East. Alarums and portents. As soon as they all get nuked up we’ll have Twelfth Imams popping up out of wells all over the place. I asked friends and family which day they would prefer the world to end, and there was no agreement.

Some said that if the world is ending one day
It might as well be on a rainy Monday
While others said if there’s a get to choose day
They’d much prefer it happened on a Tuesday
Some shrugged and said it really all depends day
As long as it is not an Ifs but Whensday
But many thought there couldn’t be a worse day
Than have the world be ending on a Thursday
The fatalists chose not a reason why day
But hoped it would not happen on a Friday
Some felt there really couldn’t be a badder day
That ruining the weekend meant a Sadderday
It seems that if the world is ending one day
We’ll all be sleeping in some gloomy Sunday

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