This Old Flag

Irving Berlin wrote God Bless America in 1918, and Kate Smith sang it on the radio for the first time sometime around 1940. It was a different country then, a fiercely patriotic country, where kids were taught in school that America was the greatest country on Earth. Today kids are told by Leftist professors and teachers that America is the cause of all evil, that if the United States disappeared there would be peace and plenty throughout the World. But we will survive the Left, and the Old Flag will still fly on the Fourth of July, and kids will one day again be taught that the United States is the greatest country on this great green Earth, and the last, best hope of mankind.

This Old Flag of thirteen bars
With its bright blue field of stars
Has seen bloody, fearsome scars
Has this Old Flag
It has flown in peace and war
Proudly carried to the fore
Children tutored in its lore
This Old Flag
Valley Forge to San Juan Hill
For Lafayette to Kaiser Bill
Over graves it’s flying still
This Old Flag
Tarawa, St Mere Eglise
Never conquest, always peace
May her glory never cease
This Old Flag

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