A Lesson In Love

Why do liberal progressives consider themselves the ruling elite, and why do they succeed in election after election despite the evidence they only succeed, inevitably and by degrees, in destroying the countries they run for their own benefit. I sought out a liberal progressive and by his nasal, whiny, fake British accent and his undisguised air of superiority, I saw that I had found my man. He was standing in the checkout line at Walmart, and I approached him tentatively, if not diffidently, with the intention of asking why it was he considered himself an elite individual. With nary a glance in my direction he withered me with his silence, broken, finally with but a single word.

“Conservative?” he said, aghast
Voice loaded with disdain
“I am the future, you the past
And we shall always reign
We know what’s best for you and yours
As we show every day
Elections come along by fours
And we win every way
We win by promising the proles
The substance of your gains
Thus guaranteeing that our roles
Are built upon your pains
Inflicting pain on such as you
Is just part of the fun
And why whatever you may do
You lose and we have won”
He gave the clerk a credit card
And in a lordly prance
He left me standing, staring hard
Without a backward glance
“He’s often here,” the checker smiled
“He lives just down the street
Soft spoke he is, with manner mild
And often rather sweet.”
“It’s folks like him,” I said at last
“Who run your life and mine
We’re heading for the cliff real fast
We’re in a steep decline!”
“Ah no,” she said with twinkling eye
“From him I got my phone
He gives me my share of the pie
I owe him all I own
I vote for him, that’s how it goes
His goodness knows no bounds
Without him I’m across the floes
And chased by hungry hounds.”

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