Those Were The Days

The Occupy Wall Street people have been likened to the old elites, where the first born son, because of the custom of primogeniture, got all the land and money and those born after got nothing, and had to make their own way in the world. It is obvious that the Occupy Wall Street crowd are the young of what passes for elites these days, and they have worthless degrees that cannot guarantee them a job, and they are mad as hell about it, and have to blame someone, because the fault is obviously not their own.  They went to college, didn’t they? They went into debt to go to college, didn’t they?  And weren’t they told that a degree in Women’ Studies or Mythology would get them a high paying job? I have no problem with primogeniture, being a first born son myself, but I pine for the good old days of seigniorage. Now that was something worth having.



It isn’t primogeniture

Whose absence I do mind

And if I may so veniture

A comment of some kind

I’ll say seigniorage was the best

Thing elites ever had

The castle lord put to the test

Each lass who wed a lad

The lord called to his castle then

The girl on day she wed

And was the first to rassle then

The young thing to the bed



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