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The Octopus

Occupy Wall Street has about run its course, having committed suicide by its tactics and radical left behavior.  But that’s all right, they served their purpose in the grand left wing strategy to destroy the United States.  The octopus that is socialism, anti-capitalism and radical environmentalism has many arms, and Occupy Wall Street is only one of them.



The singular of octopi is octopus

The singular of occupy is occupus

If pus is what you get when sores get bad and weep

A putrid occupus you get when notions seep

Into the public consciousness and grow like mold

Until the filth assumes a glitter soft as gold

Proponents of this noxious vapor seem so kind

They claim that fairness is the goal they seek to find

If killing all the one percent will bring about

That happy day then how could anyone then doubt

That socialism is the way men ought to live

And those who have it now will surely have to give

Whatever they’ve acquired in a lawful way

To those whom fortune smiled not on their natal day

The Goddess Gaia speaks and speaks to only us

The we of many arms. We are the octopus



Those Were The Days

The Occupy Wall Street people have been likened to the old elites, where the first born son, because of the custom of primogeniture, got all the land and money and those born after got nothing, and had to make their own way in the world. It is obvious that the Occupy Wall Street crowd are the young of what passes for elites these days, and they have worthless degrees that cannot guarantee them a job, and they are mad as hell about it, and have to blame someone, because the fault is obviously not their own.  They went to college, didn’t they? They went into debt to go to college, didn’t they?  And weren’t they told that a degree in Women’ Studies or Mythology would get them a high paying job? I have no problem with primogeniture, being a first born son myself, but I pine for the good old days of seigniorage. Now that was something worth having.



It isn’t primogeniture

Whose absence I do mind

And if I may so veniture

A comment of some kind

I’ll say seigniorage was the best

Thing elites ever had

The castle lord put to the test

Each lass who wed a lad

The lord called to his castle then

The girl on day she wed

And was the first to rassle then

The young thing to the bed




The violent Occupy Wall Street terrorists have trashed buildings, beaten people, burned American flags and shit on police cars, among many other acts of violence against the country and its citizens, and President Obama says there is very little difference between the Occupy movement and the Tea Party. Obama says this because the Occupy thugs operate at his command, just as the SA in Germany committed violence  by Hitler’s command and the Red Guards in China committed massive violence by Mao’s command.  You remember that Obama, shortly after inauguration, promised to put at his disposal an armed civilian corps, don’t you? Hitler murdered the SA when they proved inconvenient, and Mao murdered the Red Guards when they no longer served his purpose. What is the difference between the SA, the Red Guards and Obama’s armed civilian corps?  Only the manner of their deaths.



Yes it would seem

That guys like Roehm

Just never see it coming

And the Red Guards

Thought they were pards

With Mao to keep things humming

And so with those

Obama chose

To occupy the masses

With burning flags

And hurling bags

Of crap on upper classes

Oh yes the time

Will come when I’m

Afraid their days are over

As Obie Wan

Disbands the con

And sends them all to clover


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Occupy Walt’s Street

How stupid are the Occupy Wall Street crowd? Some of them thought they were supposed to occupy Walt’s Street.



I looked out the window and what did I see

But a small crowd of hippies with tent

Their sign said they wanted to occupy me

So I went out to ask what they meant

We’re Occupy Walt’s Street, they cried out in rage

You’re part of the one percent class

And we are determined to turn back the page

And sleep overnight on your grass

A cross-dressing woman then held up a sign

That said that she loved only Mao

And screamed that she’s gonna take all that was mine

And didn’t care when, why or how

I left them outside on the lawn bedding down

Just kids they were, not very old

Next morning they said they would go back to town

It was fun ‘til it starts getting cold


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It’s For The Kids

I walked through an Occupied park the other day, disguised as an elderly hippie, and when I asked a rather dirty young woman what it was all about, this is what she said:



I’m here for all the kids, you know?

The future makes you think

I’m proud to be a part of this

Except for all the stink

No porta-potties in the park

So folks crap where they can

But we put up with all this stuff

To stick it to The Man

There’s been some rapes, but that’s okay

Some beatings here, a few

And that Israeli consulate

We stuck it to the Jew

But otherwise it’s been a blast

I’m here without my ex

We’re doing good, we have such fun

And just terrific sex


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Action News

Occupy Wall Street has captured the imagination of the liberal media, who just adore violent lefty crowds, love their energy, their purpose, love the fun, the drums, the stink, the girls. Not to put too fine a point on it, radical leftist crowds demanding the destruction of the United States has a certain charm for the liberal media.



Action News is on the job!

We’re televising now the mob

You see before you as we speak

The signs, the shouts, it leaves me weak

To see the courage of these youths

A hundred thousand John Wilkes Booths

There go the storefronts, smashed to bits

The clubs, the fists, the brutal hits

The cars alight! The blazes fierce

The shots, the screams as rockets pierce

The upper floors of buildings grand

The Guard can’t gain the upper hand

It’s all a mess! The flags are out!

The White House Now! the youths all shout!

But now our sponsor with a word

About a product you have heard

Will cure you of your earthly ills

It comes in liquid or in pills

And so we leave you with the thought

That while the times are clearly fraught

With danger, we must not abuse

The mob. Goodnight from Action News


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