Time Is Short

There was a time when the pace of life was not as frantic as now, but I’m sure it seemed just as frantic to them as today seems to us. I feel fairly certain that when the Admiralty received word that the French fleet had come out the First Lord did not refill his glass and say, “No hurry, chaps, wherever they are going it will take them a month to get there, even with a fair wind.” No, urgency is relative, and today reaction time is counted in fractions of a second. Fortunately, we have more than a few seconds to save our country, but time is growing short and the road is long and treacherous.

This is the final year in which we still can make some choices
Between the country that we love and where we still have a voices
To leftist tyranny and rule by self-elected rulers
And those in thrall to those in charge like Clintons and the Schulers
Who rule forever like the left in socialist nirvanas
And our great cities then are like so many dark Havanas
Where law is just a word that once meant we were honest free men
Not like the leftists who corrupted even honest G-men
The time is short so make your choice, you want to change the system
Then kick the bastards out of town, they’ll fold if we resist ‘em

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