The Democratic Party has its homeys, Barack Obama has his homeys and Hillary has her homeys. The Obama administration has done what every leftist administration or regime in the history of the planet has done, they have politicized the bureaucracy, and all Federal agencies are now part of and subservient to the Democratic Party, including the once independent Justice Department. And most do not even notice that they are now living in a leftist tyranny. But eight more years of it and we will notice that the law is not impartial and the country has become a one party state, like Mexico. And then it will be too late to do anything about it without guns and blood.

The Agencies belong to them
They all are homeys now
The IRS, that little gem
Now orders us to bow
And Justice seems to be still blind
But that’s because the book
Says law does not apply in kind
And she’s now ashamed to look

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