To A Ladybug

On a long ago summer day, sitting in the sun, a ladybug chanced to light upon my knee. She rested there, apparently content, and as I watched the sunlight play on her spotted wing covers, I wondered what she was thinking, what her plans were for the rest of the day. Eventually I concluded she had no plans and wasn’t thinking anything. Kind of like our president.


So still she sits upon my knee

Intent on her affairs

No sign there was that I could see

Of stress or other cares

But I was sure she came to me

For help in some regard

I thought perhaps the maple tree

At bottom of the yard

Held danger for her in some way

Some monster lurking there

To set upon her at her play

But then thought, who would dare?

For lady is a fearsome threat

To aphids and to mites

And if I had to make the bet

I’d say she’d win most fights

And as I deeply thought these things

So quietly she stirred

And flipped the covers on her wings

So rapidly they blurred

And with a tiny buzzing sound

She took then to the air

Content, I’m sure, that she had found

A friend who would be there

To see her through the parlous day

Her species often see

And offer, when she comes my way

To rest upon my knee