A sizeable portion of the electorate has settled into the idea that Obama is their daddy, giving them phones and welfare and free health care and maybe even the keys to the car once in a while. But another name for political daddies is dictator, or caudillo, or czar or caliph or something. But this country does not elect caudillos, not intentionally at any rate, though some believe Obama plans on being president for life, which is pretty much the same thing as caudillo. Obama has taken some major steps on the road to caudillohood, his contempt for the Constitution of the United States barely masked, like his decision that he has the authority to kill American citizens by drone attack. But like I said, we don’t elect caudillos.


No we don’t elect caudillos

No one likes those ugly things

Much too like those armadillos

Give me emperors and kings

Royal purple is my color

Golden crowns and marble thrones

Simple presidents are duller

‘Ceptin’ when they’re flying drones