Twilight Zone

Europe has thrown open its borders to Muslim immigrants, 80% of whom are young men, many of them committed terrorists. Who would invite strangers who want to kill you into his home? Well, it has happened before. The Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire both invited barbarian Goths into their homes and paid the price of extinction. And lest you think these things only happen to those far away in time and space, think again. It is happening before our blindfolded, denying eyes. Europe has exchanged its Jews for Muslims, substituting art and science and music for barbarism, but we are assured it will all turn out all right in the end. No one now misses Rome or Byzantium, and in measurable time no will miss us, because the world will be too busy trying to stay alive in a barbaric seventh century culture without science or art or technology. Europe is entering the twilight zone between life and death. There is still time, but the demographic clock has been advanced two generations. Where once the Muslim problem in Europe might have been solved without blood, it will now take killing on a massive scale for the Europeans to retain ownership of the ashes of their fathers and the temples of their gods. The victors, should they be the Muslims, will, in time, dig up an iPhone and wonder what it was and wonder who made it.

The Minister smiled gently and then said
The Muslim is like us, a peaceful folk
They only want a place to lay their head
And thinking otherwise is quite baroque
These migrants only want a better life
And we are proud to Europe they have fled
We welcome him, his children and his wife
We realize his homeland is now dead
And so they came and settled in to wait
In mosques built by the Saudis, Imam staffed
Preparing for the coming Caliphate
A grander Andalus that they would craft
The universities soon closed their doors
The theaters were set alight and burned
The scimitar soon settled all old scores
And soon erased was all that man had learned
Across the centuries of Western art
From Einstein, Kepler, Mozart, Newton, Bohr
And Pliny, Homer, Aeschylus, Descartes
And all bowed in obeisance to the Moor

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