The 14th Crisis

The pundits argue that there are thirteen worldwide crises facing the West in general and the United States in particular, ranging from the Iranian nuclear weapons program to Muslim immigration of Europe to Yemen and Syria and ISIS, world financial meltdown, Russian expansionism, Putin, Chinese expansionism and so on. I will contend that the fourteenth crisis is the looming spectre of Obama seeking a third term as the nomination crisis in the Democratic Party winds its way to a Hillary indictment and collapse, and the polling numbers show the public repudiation of the fanatic Left by a majority of the voters. This Constitutional crisis will determine if the United States remains a republic or spirals out of control to tyranny and dictatorship, as predicted by Lord Macaulay over a hundred and fifty years ago when he said dictatorship follows as the night follows day when the public finds it has been handed the keys to the public treasury. The issue is further heightened by the distinct possibility of a major war beginning in the Spring or Summer of 2016, leading Obama to say it is too dangerous to change horses in the middle of the stream. You may recall that FDR won a third term on precisely that argument, and the slight impediment of a Constitutional Amendment will not stand in the way of Leftist tyranny. Nothing ever has. Leftist tyranny always succeeds until removed forcibly by determined men with guns.

For Barack the answer is clear
The time of his kingship is near
So sharp is the taste
No time will he waste
In seizing control without fear
Elected, his third term will be
The end of our blest liberty
Joe Stalin has shown
And so it is known
To tyrants we must bend the knee
Obama the First we all hail
Huzzanahs and cheers without fail
For him we all vote
No rocking the boat
A careless word lands you in jail

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