The violent Occupy Wall Street terrorists have trashed buildings, beaten people, burned American flags and shit on police cars, among many other acts of violence against the country and its citizens, and President Obama says there is very little difference between the Occupy movement and the Tea Party. Obama says this because the Occupy thugs operate at his command, just as the SA in Germany committed violence  by Hitler’s command and the Red Guards in China committed massive violence by Mao’s command.  You remember that Obama, shortly after inauguration, promised to put at his disposal an armed civilian corps, don’t you? Hitler murdered the SA when they proved inconvenient, and Mao murdered the Red Guards when they no longer served his purpose. What is the difference between the SA, the Red Guards and Obama’s armed civilian corps?  Only the manner of their deaths.



Yes it would seem

That guys like Roehm

Just never see it coming

And the Red Guards

Thought they were pards

With Mao to keep things humming

And so with those

Obama chose

To occupy the masses

With burning flags

And hurling bags

Of crap on upper classes

Oh yes the time

Will come when I’m

Afraid their days are over

As Obie Wan

Disbands the con

And sends them all to clover


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