The Obama administration has so trashed the reputation and integrity of the United States that some have taken to calling them vandals. Now we all know that the word ‘vandal’ comes from the name of a Germanic tribe called the Vandals, who undertook the largest migration in European history, when they moved south from their Baltic home to Gaul and then through Spain to North Africa, leaving, so it has been said by their enemies, a trail of destruction in their path, hence the verb to vandalize. They sacked Rome about fifteen hundred years ago, but that was because Rome double crossed them, something Rome was wont to do with barbarian allies. So I think they probably got a bad rap. Not so the current administration. Obama and his hard left socialist cronies have vandalized the United States, and it will take some time to repair the damage.


Well we can’t just call Dems Vandals

Just because they have some scandals

And besides the Vandals took a lot of blame

For untidiness and so forth

When they left their Baltic homes north

And set out to find a land that then became

Such a tidy, peaceful nation

That defies all explanation

Of why people thought them rude and just uncouth

They were pirates, sure, and sacked Rome

But were neat as pins when at home

And I tell you this because it is the truth

So do not compare Obama

And young Chelsea’s lovely mama

To the Vandals who broke only odds and ends

You may call me Doubting Thomas

But they never broke a promise

As Barack does as he taxes and he spends