Kicking The Can Down The Road

The Arab Spring was set off by Obama applauding the overthrow by an Islamist mob of an American ally, President Mubarak of Egypt, and continued with the ouster of Khadaffi from Libya by the US Navy, to the benefit of al Qaeda, and which has now spread to Syria, where al Qaeda is on the verge of grabbing another country. Watching this disaster unfold, President Obama has either delighted in the outcome or refused to get involved, regardless of the interests of the United States in not allowing al Qaeda to rule the Middle East, preferring to kick the can down the road, letting events take their course. Obama is the most adept Chief Executive we’ve ever had at kicking a can down the road. But what happens to the can when the road ends at an eight lane highway full of speeding eighteen wheelers?


How sternly he speaks, his words dark as the thunder

His visage a scowl and a threat

His actions though cause the observer to wonder

Is this all that we’re gonna get

The trouble with roads and the can that he’s kicking

A highway soon looms at the end

And all of the options he could have been picking

Are gone and he now must depend

On getting across those eight lanes that a bolder

Executive could have shut down

The can now at rest on the gravelly shoulder

And O looking on with a frown

We know what he’ll do, he will send the can spinning

Into traffic that’s blurry with speed

He’ll smile to himself this is just the beginning

And stand there and watch us all bleed