Waltradamus And The Silver Screen

The time is fast approaching.  Israel will attack Iran before they get the bomb, but the Iranians have already nuked up with purchases from Pakistan and North Korea.  They are waiting only for the Israeli strike to uneash a defensive war the West, and the United States of Barack Obama, will see as wholly justified. Tel Aviv will be destroyed, but in return Iran will be no more as Israeli nuclear tipped missiles respond, the twelfth Imam remaining hidden out of fear for his life. The only question is, is this the end of the movie?



In the darkened space the empty seats

Seemed shadows in the gloom

While in the pitch black something stirred

In the projection room

A click, a whirr, and came to life

A far off silver screen

And fuzzy figures moved about

While playing out the scene

A swarthy man with sword held high

Swung hard a fearsome blow

Then grinning held the head up high

For all the world to show

In scratchy sound, the music bleak

Vast armies marched in time

While overhead the missiles raced

As crowds cheered on in mime

A mushroom cloud then filled the screen

The flash in black and white

As grinning figures flashed the sign

That they have won the fight

The movie stopped as broken film

Showed figures frozen fast

In postures set in concrete

For as long as time will last

As with a roar the empty seats

Were filled with rough debris

And buildings all around came down

As from the nearby sea

Israeli subs released their birds

Who flew both straight and true

And led the few survivors

To the Ark in two by two


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