A Loser’s Game

A liberal progressive moron comedian can say the vilest thing about a conservative woman and no one cares, and if a conservative complains, he is told to lighten up, it’s only comedy.  A liberal can say anything he wants to say, the viler the better, and no one responds in kind.  Why not?  Why doesn’t the right respond to liberals when liberals say the most vicious things about them?  It’s because conservatives believe in being civil, in not lowering themselves to the level of the Left.  But that is a losing proposition.  When you don’t respond in kind the general public, which has an IQ somewhere around room temperature, believes the lies are true.  Not responding is a loser’s game.



I met a man who said to hang

A murderer was not

A thing a civil man would do

Because ‘twould mean the pot

Would then be just the same as those

Foul kettles that we hate

And then he smiled and walked away

To meet his loser’s fate

A woman said to kill a child

Was worse than she could stand

Just thinking of it made her cry

But on the other hand

She felt it was a woman’s right

Despite her firm held views

To kill her child because she had

A woman’s right to choose

These people think they’re being fair

To not combat or fight

The leftist culture when it dares

To make a wrong a right

They’re not inclined to take a stand

No argument to state

And so they smile and walk away

To meet their loser’s fate


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