Westphalia Or Westfailure?

The European Union is unraveling, as predicted, and soon will be no more. The European Left, after World War 2, decided to dismantle the system of European nation states created in 1648 by the Treaty of Westphalia after the Thirty Years War. Somehow the Lefty dream of a United Europe controlled by the Left failed in its promise to make for a better life for all. But the Left never sleeps, the Left never dies. They will be back, trying to convince the rubes that it failed because it wasn’t tried hard enough, that not enough money was spent, not enough debt run up, not enough corruption and micro-managing of economies by Lefty bureaucrats who insisted the amassed wisdom of centuries of commerce and economics was wrong.


There’s no disgrace in failure

We’re told as we grow up

For failure teaches that we

Should not ever slow up

Keep at it and don’t falter

And surely then success

Attends your every effort

How could you ask for less?

And yet we see the wells dry

The creeks refuse to rise

And portends of doom coming

Run brightly through the skies

And so what once was seen as

A holy work of man

Was only just another

Failed broken five year plan


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