What Difference Does It Make?

Hillary Clinton has thrown her pantsuit into the 2016 race for president, and already is hailed as the unstoppable juggernaut. The question will be, will the Republican candidate actually call her on Benghazi or will he refrain out of deference to a woman to attack her as she will undoubtedly attack him. Ads showing her screaming “What difference at this time does it make!” to questions why she refused to add security to the Benghazi consulate and why no military aid was sent to help the brave men who fought to the death to protect the sovereign territory of the United States, or why she and Obama maintained for weeks that the attack was a spontaneous demonstration brought on by an amateur video when they knew full well the night of the attack that it was a fully planned al Qaeda attack. If I were running the Republican campaign I’d be screaming:

What difference does it make?
I’ll tell you what difference it makes
Brave men were killed defending sovereign United States territory
That’ what difference it makes
Why did Hillary and Barack insist it was all about a video?
I’ll tell you why Hillary and Barack insist it was all about a video
They didn’t want to get their lefty friends all upset by defending the country
That’s why Hillary and Barack insist it was all about a video
Who’s running the country?
I’ll tell you who’s running the country
The left and the haters and the incompetent and the traitors are running the country
That’s who’s running the country
What are we going to do about it?
I’ll tell you what we’re going to do about it
We’re going to throw them out on their ass and put them all in jail
That’s what we’re going to do about it

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