From Everyone On Earth

President Obama gave a speech that was intended to clarify his thoughts about the National Security Agency collecting text and emails from everyone on Earth. He said he was opposed to this in principle, but on the other hand there are national security concerns to be considered. He offered a solution to the problem that was no solution at all, and critics pounced on the nonsolution. But for Obama, the nonsolution IS the solution. He says so, right here.

My heart says the Constitution
Is the only resolution
To the problem facing us this very day
But the world is cruel and cunning
So the NSA is running
Just a simple scan to keep that world at bay
They collect phone calls and email
From each human male and female
And they put them in a box in a safe place
No one reads them, no one sees them
Till someone like Snowden frees them
Forcing NSA to then pick up the pace
We’re on top of this or will be
I’ve announced that someone will see
All the mail and texts the NSA has stored
He will read each text and email
And if needed he will remail
Any terror threats to a blue ribbon board
So I hope this clears the matter
Most of it’s just harmless chatter
So what difference does it make if you are heard
Saying rude things ‘bout my wife or
Spreading rumors ‘bout my life or
Thinking that we care, we don’t, don’t be absurd

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