What Does Progressivism Want?

Sigmund Freud famously said “What does woman want?” Today we must ask What does progressivism want? They will tell you they want peace on earth, equality, prosperity, security and happiness. They will cheerfully agree that La Dolce Vita is the ultimate goal. Do not believe them.

Progressivism has one goal
Progressivism wants your soul
They want to put you on the dole
Thus binding you to them
They want to tell you how to live
And as a further additive
Decide how much that you must give
To show your love for them
Progressives want to keep their sheep
In shuttered spaces made to keep
Them safe from shadows that may creep
And grateful thus to them
The Left believes a tiny slice
Of leftist thought at little price
Will cause the sheep to sacrifice
Their lives and souls for them
Forever in a magic haze
Of silver nights and golden days
So wonderful it will amaze
And all because of them

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