What Does Woman Want?

A stumped and puzzled Sigmund Freud once cried in exasperation, “What does woman want?” I believe I have the answer.

The women’s movement shorn of lust
Dawned as the Pill became a must
And turned our little daughters into tramps
By telling them that sex is fine
As long as the man buys the wine
And there was nothing wrong with being vamps
The female body was a shrine
Belonged to no one, but was thine
To do with as a lady damn well pleased
No longer shrinking, sad and shy
Just walk right up to any guy
And smile to watch him squirm at being teased
Blunt language, the four letter word
That in the past was seldom heard
From dainty female lips was on display
As women swore like lumberjacks
And posed seductive on their backs
While smiling in an ingénue-ish way
Oh it was fun some little while
But soon the ladies changed their style
And politics took hold of female bods
They marched for causes they were told
Would show that women too were bold
And Steinem, Bella Abzug were their gods
So here we are, the women’s game
Where men will always get the blame
For everything that happened since the Flood
They claim they only want what’s fair
They claim they only want their share
But we all know that what they want is blood

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