What Is Sin?

     “Boss,” Joe Beden said, the beginning of a goofy smile upon his lips, “I was reading Verse-afire today and it said you told an interviewer back in oh four that a sin was anything that did not conform to your values. Or something like that.”

     “Hillary doesn’t read Verse-afire,” Obama said icily. “It isn’t too late to call her, wherever she is.”

     “Sorry boss, I misspoke. I was reading The Daily Beast.”

     The air in the room was heavy with unspoken threat and abject contrition, as Obama closed his eyes and sighed.


It isn’t sin, Obama said

Unless I say it is

My values may be dressed in red

Most can be found in Ms

For I believe my life’s a trial

I’m put here for a cause

And though I’m here for but a while

My values give me pause

So strict am I in my belief

That no one is exempt

From heresy and to be brief

It’s just that to attempt

To put in words you understand

Is taxing me but then

As my VP I’ll take your hand

We’ll speak as honest men

My values, Joe, and here is truth

I am the Chosen One

And none, no matter how uncouth

Can say I’m not the Sun

Who gives the light that all live by

The Father who knows best

Whose children balk at all I try

And try to flee the nest

So sin is what I say it is

And Joe, I’m not a crier

Just stick to reading stuff in Ms

And not that Verse-afire


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