We Still Have A Chance

Janet Daley, writing in the London Telegraph, says that the American 2012 election will determine whether the United States remains a country of opportunity and equality or becomes, with Obama re-elected, another European model failed welfare state, with the people of the United States divided permanently along class lines, with the government taking from the productive members of society and giving it to the non-productive members of society, all in the interest of fairness and compassion. The road of Obama, she says, leads only to financial ruin, which in turn leads always to fascist dictatorship. Others have made the point, as early as the mid-nineteenth century, when Lord Macaulay wrote in the Southern Literary Journal that no democracy can survive once the people realize they can vote themselves access to the public treasury. This election will decide the future of the United States and the future of the world, and while there are many millions now dependent on the Federal government for their very existence, and who will vote to maintain their access to other peoples’ money, I believe we still have a chance.


I spoke to my grampop at close of the day

He looked just as good as when he went away

So many long years since we all saw him last

It sure is real funny how years go so fast

He said he was sorry to see how things stood

The country, he said, that was once oh so good

Has fallen upon harsher times than it seemed

Could possibly happen or even been dreamed

He said he came here though it hurt him to leave

He loved the old country but had to believe

That life would be better for him and his kids

And now this great country is flat on the skids

And heading for cliffs with big rocks far below

That started with lefties now running the show

The money, he said, isn’t worth much today

He worked seven days for a workingman’s pay

No honest man thought of a government check

And government governed not stacking the deck

I’m glad that I lived when this country was great

He said a goodbye and I asked him to wait

We still have a chance I said, taking his hand

We still have a chance to recover our land

We still have a chance to get rid of the Left

We still have a chance but we have to be deft

We still have a chance if we do the thing right

We still have a chance come this election night

Get grammom and tell her that we’re gonna dance

Go get her and tell her we still have a chance


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