What Is The Sudetenland To Us?

We all remember the Sudetenland, don’t we? Of course we don’t. Unless you’re old enough to remember Hitler and Chamberlain and the rest of the Western democracies watching helplessly as Hitler took what he wanted. The same thing is happening now. In 1938 Britain and France gave in and signed the Munich agreement that gave Hitler what he wanted and confirmed him in his belief that Britain and France would not fight, a belief that made WW2 inevitable. We are in a similar process now, with Obama meeting with Putin, the result of which will be another Munich agreement, with Putin and Russia being given permission to do and take whatever it is they want. The question is not what is it Putin wants, but will somebody have to fight him? If somebody does, that somebody will not be Obama. Because, really – what is the Sudetenland to us?

Mr. Putin is a very charming fellow
He smiles while shooting rapids killing bears
He seems a friendly chap, so warm and mellow
Despite his fearsome scowls and icy stares
His reasonable actions are no threat to
The peace in any form or any way
And if I were a betting man I’d bet you
That Putin would defend your right to say
That Syria is well within his right to
See that Assad remains upon his throne
And while he swears to God he will not fight you
He will of course shoot down the errant drone
Crimea is and always has been Russian
The Light Brigade made music, failed at war
While Eastern lands that once might well been Prussian
Since ‘45 were Russian evermore
The Baltic States were needed as a buffer
For no one trusts the Germans to be still
And be good friends, not make their neighbors suffer
With nonsense like the triumph of the will
So if Sudetenland must be invaded
The Russian army peacefully engaged
With good Sudetens cheerful and elated
We know it’s only peace that’s being waged

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