What Strange Universe?

J. B. S. Haldane said the universe was stranger than we could ever imagine. I’m not so sure about that. I believe the universe is perfectly understandable, once you realize that today’s science is defined as things we know for certain that replaced earlier science, where earlier science is defined as things the people at that time knew for certain and which we now know to be untrue. But was that earlier science untrue, or do we just believe it was untrue because our version of science says it was? And what happens when a future science says our version of science was not true, that things we knew for certain to be true were not true at all..Count on our science being superseded. The universe seems strange because what we know we know for certain is not certain at all. What has Obama to do with the strangeness of the universe? We are about to find out.

The universe is not so strange
To those who know not of it
They think that it will never change
That always will they love it
Just as it is, a whirling disk
Of stars that can’t be numbered
All hurtling space at more than brisk
With planets, moons encumbered
This is, of course, no so at all
The universe is tiny
An atom wide, an atom tall
All polished nice and shiny
Inside this atom we all live
Curved space described by Einstein
Where we’re expected to forgive
Barack and Diane Feinstein
For messing up our nice clean world
With leftist scams and nostrums
Where lies and calumnies are hurled
From telepromtered rostrums
It was so nice once, warm and snug
Inside our little atom
We knew the stars could give a tug
To actions here, a datum
Like all the other things we knew
Like gods lived up on mountains
And manna flowed like morning dew
From sugar candy fountains
But now it’s leftists all year round
Bad stuff without cessation
Not long ago we all were bound
For stars, our destination
That seems so very long ago
Before Barack the Master
Did bid his childlike voters grow
And ushered in disaster

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