Does God Still Love The United States?

Those who wield power have responsibilities, and those who wield great power have great responsibilities. Responsibilities to preserve and defend the country they were elected to lead. Low information voters, people who spend no time at all thinking about politics or history or much of anything else, vote not for what is best for the country, for they have no idea what might be best for the country, but vote for what they believe might be best for them. And that might mean best for them personally in terms of promised government handouts, or best for their souls, in which case they will vote for a completely unqualified candidate simply to right a previous historical wrong. Maybe it was always that way, but at least in the past it didn’t lead to an avowed Marxist enemy of the country being elected president.

Great power in the hands of little men
Invite disaster on a mega scale
For little men aren’t little now and then
They’re little all the time, that’s why they fail
And when the little man controls a State
As Barry does thanks to white women’s guilt
That led them thinking wouldn’t it be great
To add a black man to the nation’s quilt
Unqualified except for hue of skin
Obama has no inkling and no clue
He thinks events susceptible to spin
And sees the world through Marx’s point of view
Will we survive, it’s truly hard to say
A people gets the leaders they deserve
It once was said God loves the USA
But if He does He sure threw us a curve

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