When Someone Drops A Dime

It may have been Lord Palmerstone who said the country has no friends, only interests, though it is highly likely it was said, and not for the first time, by someone in Mesopotamia and it got written down in cuneiform. Whatever, the NSA eavesdropping program serves our country’s interests to provide real time intelligence to other nations, whether by helping a friend like Columbia or an enemy like Pakistan. The same with deadly efficient GPS guided drone attacks on al Qaeda leaders pinpointed by NSA intercepts. And so it is that many of the countries we help have internal political forces to contend with, and so affect outrage at our actions. But we know better than to even be annoyed at this. There are still some grownups in this country, though you have to look hard to find them.

Pay no attention to my cries
Of outrage at your acts
Of savagery and spying eyes
We all know that the facts
Are that we need you to provide
Intelligence and drones
And since we’ve not a thing to hide
You’re free to tap our phones
We love your GPS and yes
To make the perfect loop
We also know that GPS
Means Government Phone Snoop
Without the snoops the bad guys win
We sleep beneath the sod
But nonetheless we have to spin
That you are playing God
So understand we must cry out
And blame you every time
But we’re so glad that you’re about
When someone drops a dime

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