When Time Was Short And Life Was Cheap

Scientists claim that life extension medical technology is right around the corner, and children alive today will live for 150 years, with further advances extending the human life span to undreamed of lengths. But what happens when the United States, the science and medical and technology innovator for the world, becomes an ossified gerontocracy and all new ideas and innovations are stifled by two hundred year old leaders who grew up in a different time and place and point of view? Who’s going to make great grandpop give up the reins to the family business? Will established writers ever give over to younger voices? Probably not. If I were a two hundred year old successful author I would most definitely feel I would be better read than dead.

When time was short and life was cheap
A man would find eternal sleep
About the time his sons were men
And wound the clock around again
The generations rose and fell
Determined by the tolling bell
As sons reprised the father’s life
And daughters made someone a wife
It all made so much perfect sense
The shorter life in recompense
Allowed for newer ways of thought
To build upon what forbears brought
But now we find extended years
Bring forth the gravest of all fears
That father will not step aside
That novel thought he’ll not abide
That innovation is now dead
And what is past remains instead
For once a point of view is formed
That view becomes how thought is normed
The innovator now asleep
Till once again life’s short and cheap

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