Where She Belongs


Much is made of the failure of America’s public schools, the failure of the schools to teach, the failure of the kids to learn. There is much that is wrong with some of the schools, but not all of them. My grandchildren are prime examples of what good schools and good teachers can do for good kids.


Mrs. Mandes’s 9th grade class entered a contest sponsored by a local newspaper, the contestants to write a poem about a painting, in this case Orpheus #1 by Paul Keene. The contest was won by Matt Erickson, my grandson. I have tried repeatedly to paste the art into the post, without success, and so must give a brief word picture of the painting in question. It is not exactly The Scream, but close. So now you know where you are. The ‘She’ in the poem is Eurydice.



Inspirational Painting

Orpheus #1 by Paul Keene

Poem below was printed in the Wed. May 12, 2010 Issue of The Intelligencer

First Place Winner


Where She Belongs

By Matt Erickson, Holicong Middle School, Mrs. Mandes Grade 9


It was a mission

That I had to complete

Don’t look back, and I pass

Three stages she went through

From being a belonging of the underworld,

Blank, and soul-less

A crowd of underworld dwellers behind her

Urging her on to leave

The second stage, near completion

A face forming as she crosses the Styx

Bright colors show the world above,

A Parthenon, sun, blue skies

And then I failed, as I did look back,

Anticipating her to follow

Her face rages in the third stage

Eyes glaring at me, her one true love

She is no longer an earth dweller

Flames engulf her, bring her back down

It was fate that let her go

Fate decided, not me, not Orpheus, son of Apollo

She wasn’t meant to be here

Now I must walk alone

While she is in ownership to the underworld

It is forever and meant to be

It is,

Where she belongs.





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