White Privilege

The Pentagon is now teaching its recruits the dangers and unfairness of white privilege. This is doubtless on instruction from the White House, and is just one more reason why the whole place should be fumigated when the Obamas leave.

Yes I am white and so’s my pop
And privileges never stop
We profited from being white
And got ahead but that’s all right
We worked for all we got
So let me say just what that means
It means that hard work’s in the genes
It means you study hard in school
And live your life by golden rule
It means your kids will have a dad
To teach you when you are a lad
So that you grow up good, not bad
And morals mean a lot
By morals I mean you treat me
The way that you would like to be
Respect your neighbors and your friends
And live as if your life depends
On doing well at what you do
And love someone as she loves you
And teach your children to be kind
And know good works brings peace of mind
And lastly as a parting thought
Think long and hard what God has wrought
Give thanks for what you’ve got

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