Who Will Bear The Ring?

In The Lord Of The Rings, it is asked, Who Will Bear The Ring, and Frodo says he will, though he does not know the way. Well, I’m getting tired of bearing the Ring, tired of crooked politicians, tired of paying taxes so that others may live a life without toil. I’m sick and tired of a lot of things. And I’m not alone. I would gladly bear the Ring if it led the way to smaller government and greater freedom, two things now in short supply. But who will show the way?

I’m getting tired of all of this
So tired of crooks who baby kiss
With unctuous smiles and greedy hands
No public servants but brigands
My thoughts are filled with bleak despair
My country gone, I know not where
How glad I am that I was born
Into this world at dawning morn
Of what my country would achieve
Of heights that no one could believe
Were possible to mortal man
Accomplished in so short a span
A generation reached the stars
Unlocked the gates, released the bars
That held the world without in thrall
Who joined with us in freedom’s call
That day is done, and now the night
Comes down and closes out the light
The government be master now
We tread in fear of master’s scowl
Where is the knight on shining steed
Where is the savior in our need
No shining knight, no savior comes
We bend the knee, accept the crumbs
I’m getting tired of the whole thing
Who knows the way, who’ll bear the Ring?

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