Who’s A Fraud Of The Big, Bad Wolf

Vladimir Putin, the big, bad wolf, gobbles up Ukraine and Barack Obama, the fraudster in chief, says he doesn’t really see any problem, and besides he’s meeting with NATO in a bit and they’ll decide what, if anything, to do.

Our Hussein admits to a passion
It’s fighting that gets his teeth gnashin’
When those less than smart
Demand that he start
His steely eyes promise a thrashin’
He knows it would just annoy Putin
Would certainly not stop the shootin’
Would just make things worse
No one will disperse
And just cause more laughter and hootin’
So just press that old reset button
In hopes that the big bad wolf glutton
Would just see the light
And do what is right
And let him just work on his puttin’
He knows that the Putin’s his daddy
And he is the big wolf’s boy caddy
And that he must smile
Lick boots all the while
And tremble in fear of big Vladdy

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