Reasonable Fellows

President Obama said on Wednesday, 10 September, one day before the anniversary of the attack that killed 3,000 people on September 11, 2001, that he has ordered air attacks on ISIS in order to destroy them. Previous to that he said he would degrade ISIS to the point where they can be managed. Has he really changed his mind, or is he just following the polls that see him tumbling precipitously? If he doesn’t believe in what he proposes to do then it will fail. Everything in the past suggests that Obama believes he can manage the jihad, that these jihadi fellows seem to be a reasonable bunch who can be talked to, negotiated with, and an agreement reached that is fair to both sides. And why not? Haven’t they shown themselves to be reasonable fellows up to now?

They drink no wine, they aren’t toddy guys
They’re pure in spirit these jihadi guys
They’ve no compassion, show no mer-a-cy
They behead people just for heresy
They follow Allah, kind and merciful
And pile the bodies in the hearsy full
They cut off heads with their dull trusty knives
And prefer goats to their old rusty wives
They wear white robes and scarves to hide their face
But then of course we’d know them anyplace
Just by the dead look in their squinty eyes
And by the mercy in their flinty eyes
O thinks that ISIS can be reasoned with
Though lots of salt he’d need it seasoned with
Do I think little O can manage them?
Just bomb them once or twice then bandage them?
Do I think little O can pull it off?
Hell no I don’t, they’ll need a bullet off

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