Why Do They Love Us?

The Wall Street Journal has a report on a study done by the on-line Face Research Laboratory of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Some 4,800 white women from various countries participated in the on-line study, and were shown two faces of the same man, one digitally slightly feminized, and asked which they preferred. The study showed that young white women from the developed world preferred the feminized men. The lab’s conclusion was that women from healthier countries preferred feminized men, while women from less healthy countries preferred the more masculine men. Of course, in the eyes of the Scottish researchers, a healthy country was one that had socialized medicine. I don’t think socialized medicine has anything to do with it. I think women living in the western nanny states, including the United States, no longer need a man to provide and protect, that now being provided by the state, and so they prefer men who look more like them. You know, sensitive and caring. Not that I believe for a moment that women prefer feminized men to masculine men. The question is, why do they love us at all?    



Why do women redden lips

They redden them for me

Why do women blush their cheeks

They blush them just for thee

Why do women love a man

They love us just because

Why do women love a child

With love that gives us pause

Why do women walk this earth

Alongside men they love

It’s all because it seemed so right

To the good Lord up above



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