Wide Corridors

It is now revealed that the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, has a hidden provision called Risk Corridors, where the government, that is the taxpayers, will reimburse the insurance companies for any losses incurred from Obamacare. How nice. Obama cares not for the Constitution or the law, believing the law is what he says it is. It matters not that he has no legal power to change the health care law the Congress passed, he will do it anyway, with no one to oppose him, not the courts, not the Republican Party. Out of chaos will come, all as planned, an obeisant insurance industry, and the coveted Marxist ideological single payer system

Obamacare is now and always meant
To be a step to single payer goal
Risk corridors were just the instrument
And soon we’ll know for whom the bells will toll
Wide corridors expansive and ornate
Extend for miles beyond what sense descries
All filled with smiling servants of the State
Who willingly defend Obama’s lies
Before the smiling servants flee the mass
Down corridors that narrow as they run
So narrow none but single payers pass
And no one ever sees again the sun
The finest healthcare system in the world
The corridors of power now lay bare
Consigned in death to canyons where ‘twas hurled
And murdered by the vile Obamacare

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