Windy City Blues

Fifteen year old Hadiya Pendleton was standing under a tree in a park in Chicago with some friends to get out of the rain when a man jumped the fence and started shooting at some gang members who were also under the tree. Miss Pendleton was killed. The usual outrage ensued, but of course nothing will be done, because no one is ever accountable these days, it’s always the fault of the system, or society. Chicago has about 600 homicides every year, almost all gang related, yet nothing is done about the gangs, because gangs are only a symptom of the breakdown of civility or something. How about rounding up the gang members, taking away their guns, and putting them in the hoosegow? But of course that wouldn’t do. Killers have rights too, you know.


I’m a little girl who’s lost in the wood

I know I should

To stay in the hood

Have someone watch over me

Chicago town is where I reside

And though we take pride

In the number who’ve died

Have someone watch over me

There’s a teenage boy who’s havin’ some fun

Look at him run

Forgot his gun

No one will watch over me