Yesterday’s Girl

Unless indicted, Hillary Clinton will be the nominee for president of the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton is a lying, corrupt, elderly slug of a woman. The entirety of her political life has been filled with corruption and betrayal. She is no more fit to be president of the United States than Barack Obama is fit to be president of a homeowners association. Hillary Clinton has a criminally tainted paper trail, and we remember.

We remember Whitewater
A law firm named Rose
A fortune on futures
Made just at the close
The ChiCom Red Army
Donations to Bill
And poor Mr. Foster
Face down on a hill
She danced through the nineties
A mad social whirl
A media darling
Now yesterday’s girl
A seat in the Senate
Some restaurant dead
A run for the White House
Obama instead
Department of State and
Guys yelling Hey Rube!
She blamed the attack on
A vid on YouTube
She set up her emails
For others to hack
The Chinese and Russians
She knew had her back
She now is campaigning
For hubby’s old job
Deflecting each charge with
A weave and a bob
She longs to return to
That mad White House whirl
Corrupt and a liar
Still yesterday’s girl

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