Hillary Clinton, it has now been revealed by the Inspector General for Intelligence, had such highly classified documents on her home computer that were those documents to be in the hands of foreign adversaries the United States would be in danger. And of course those documents ARE now in the hands of our enemies, most notably the Chinese, which is why they were placed on her home computer and server in the first place. Ask yourself, why would the Chinese government give many millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation if they did not expect something in return? There was absolutely no reason for Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, to bypass the security protocols of her own State Department if not to make it easier for her to sell stuff to whoever was prepared to buy? The Clintons have always been for sale, and they never cared what it was they sold. One can only hope that when the FBI completes its investigation that jail time awaits this scumbag and all around her.

A scumbag is a scumbag
Even in a pink pantsuit
She always was a loathsome skag
And criminal to boot
She used a server as a ruse
To hide her Chinese graft
All thinking she would leave no clues
So clever at her craft
But now the cat’s out of the bag
Indictment now for sure
There’s nothing that, for this old hag
Some slammer time won’t cure

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