You Say We Lie

The Obama administration from the first knew it had a problem with its anti-war leftist base, and so it declared there was no War OnTerror, it was all a simple matter of law enforcement. They outlawed the word ‘war’ and replaced it with the words ‘kinetic activity’, thus turning the bombing of Libya by the US Navy as something other than war. The Obama administration never engaged in overt action that might disturb the Left, it ‘led from behind’. Obama knew that if he only changed the words his leftist base would remain quiet, even as they saw through the deceit. The Obama administration always obeys the Constitution, except when it is inconvenient. Do they lie to us? Do bears play tag in the woods?


You say we lie and it is true

But only when it’s good for you

There’s evil in the world today

And somehow someone has to pay

The Constitution is obeyed

It never says that no drone raid

May strike a citizen of ours

But we contend that of our powers

The right to kill is in our hands

Which right to do so quite expands

As lawyers ply their sacred text

To tell us what we may do next

And others queue up one by one

To justify what we’ve just done

And so my friends go back to sleep

And pray the Lord our souls to keep