Whispers surround the presidency of Barack Obama, whispers that say his supreme incompetence and monumental indifference can be traced to his status as a puppet to internal forces that themselves are fractured and divided. President Obama therefore dances to competing puppet strings, the dances orchestrated by the radical leftists now installed in the White House. President Obama likens himself to Lincoln, when in fact he is likened to Pinocchio. There was nothing more telling than when the Benghazi consulate was attacked and four Americans killed, an incurious Obama went to bed.


I vowed no further words from me

About Obama and his kind

Of human scum who work to see

The Constitution undermined

The military hollowed out

The Bill of Rights an empty joke

The confiscation without doubt

Of legal guns of honest folk

We’re told Obama cannot lie

And yet his many mirrors show

When leaving braver men to die

He danced like stringed Pinocchio