Youth Must Be Served

Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz al-Saud has died at age 86, and King Abdullah, 87 as of this writing, is in poor health, setting off speculation as to who will be the next (or last) King of Saudi Arabia. In line is the newly deceased Crown Prince’s brother, a youngster at 77. Saudi Arabia is a dark and secret place, but there are reports of rumblings that the Kingdom needs some younger blood.



In Saudi Arabia youth must be served

It’s time for the old ones to go

The line of succession once straight is now curved

And those who once quick are now slow

The difference right now ‘twixt the quick and the dead

Is measured in months and not years

So Long Live The King is not sung and instead

They whisper in case someone hears

That someone much younger than those now in line

Would answer if given the call

A comely and handsome young man would be fine

Though a camel would be best of all


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