Zero Nukes + Obama = Armageddon

President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for, as the Norwegians explained, his professed desire to rid the world of nuclear weapons. To that end Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has triumphantly announced the Russians have been given permission to inspect our nuclear arsenal, the better to one day soon disarm the United States. To this point there is no indication that the Russians have said we could inspect theirs, and there probably won’t be, but that is unimportant to the Obama administration, believing, as they do, that a disarmed, submissive and penitent United States is the best hope for peace. President Obama apparently also believes that the North Koreans, the Iranians, the Pakistanis, the Indians, the Israelis and everyone who either already has nukes or who will nuke up in response to American disarmament will also disarm or abandon the quest for nukes. Of course they will do nothing of the kind, but rather the reverse will take place; instead of everyone disarming, everyone who currently resides under the American nuclear umbrella will scramble to nuke up, fearing to be the only kid on the block without a weapon. Given human nature, this will be an unstable situation, with nuclear Armageddon a given, and, if President Obama has his way, the United States the only kid on the block unable to defend himself.



The concept of the zero goes a long ways back in time

A thousand years and more or so they state

When Hindoo mathematicians figured out the paradigm

That nothing was a number just like eight

Since that time we’ve had a few advances ‘long the way

And Roman numbers simply bit the dust

We don’t use C for hundred like that anymore today

‘Cause zeros made the old systems a bust

But zeros had their problems too as Jap pilots soon found

They had no armor or self sealing tanks

A couple fifty cals and they were headed for the ground

And grinning Navy pilots whistled thanks

A zero is a nothing just an empty circled space

A little like the brain of people who

Believe that we can opt out of the nuclear arms race

And live in peace like nuns and Buddhists do

So anyone who thinks that zero is the perfect place

To be in this cruel world of men insane

Will have to look the few and scarred survivors in the face

And say I tried a peaceful world to gain

And just because it didn’t work’s no reason not to try

We’ve proven that we’re better far than they

It’s just too bad so many of you really had to die

But did you think ‘twas zero that we’d pay?

Yes Armageddon came because our president declared

The USA was just another land

And just because our actions made the other guys all scared

It’s not our fault it’s glass where once was sand