A Big Texas Howdy

Governor Cuomo, Democrat, New York, has ruled that New York State will not permit drilling for oil on State lands, despite all the evidence that fracking is not harmful to the environment and creates jobs and wealth. A Leftist knows what he is for and what he is against, and so Governor Cuomo has decided to stand at the shore line and defy the tide to rise. Obama, who also once promised that he would stop the seas from rising, is outraged that his attempts to stop the fracking have failed, while at the same time taking credit for its success. The Left never gives up, and neither does it ever learn.

If it walks like a duck and it’s quacking
It’s a Dem who’s outraged about fracking
How dare they defy the Obama
Whose face, now a threatening comma
Dreams that he will shut down the drilling
And show all the world that he’s willing
To sell the US down the river
To show to the Left he’ll deliver
Mad Putin’s Potemkin is cracking
Because of American fracking
Sad faces are on every Saudi
When hearing a big Texas “Howdy!”

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