There are always those, like the New York Times, who lament the genius of American capitalism to improve the lives of people throughout the world by making things cheaper, better and more plentiful. They worry that fracking and cheaper oil will cause pain to those autocratic regimes who depend on high oil prices to stay in power. On the other hand it probably doesn’t matter what they say. Does anyone read the New York Times any more?

Global oil markets are cracking
All because some guys are fracking
And the gushing oil is likely not to stop
Old John D he must be smilin’
Though he has been gone a while’n
The technology’s improved since Spindletop
Russian derricks will be rusting
And the Saudis, who were trusting
That the Democrats would keep the money tree
Standing upright, money falling
Like green leaves at Saudis’ calling
Are now threatening to make the darn stuff free
But they won’t destroy the fracking
Even with the Times’s backing
And Obama says that pipeline will not pass
They shed tears for silent derricks
And the business run by clerics
While the roughnecks smile and say you kiss my ass

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